With over a decade of security experience, we protect clients in 95 countries. This includes 60,000 computers and over 6 million attacks every day. We reduce your risk and help protect your enterprise.

Key Features
Our security experts continuously maintain internationally recognized certifications.
Our security experts offer advanced penetration testing.
Information Security Diagnostics
We check internal operations and provide improvement suggestions to increase information security
Code Review
We use careful analysis of test reports to reduce security risks
Social Engineering
We use e-mail to test for security gaps so we can fix them
Vulnerability Scan
Our software finds "known" vulnerabilities and exploits
Penetration Testing
Penetration testing uses hackers' methods to find IT vulnerabilities
Post-Penetration Testing
We make sure protection mechanisms are working and regulations have been implemented. We check losses and risks after intrusions using hacker-style logic.
Intelligent allied incident forensics protection
Incident Response
We trace vulnerabilities back to the source and repair it to prevent recurrence
Cloud DDoS Service
Our Cloud DDoS service mitigates global traffic floods
Amazing Thor
Our smart security office
IP detection
Our technology keeps meticulous records of IPs