The difference between the reported price in “NetAdmin” interview and actual charges explained


The topic of information security for mobile phones has drawn considerable media attention recently. Digicentre is honored to share more about the company’s proprietary information security services with consumers.

The new issue of “NetAdmin” published this month devotes considerable coverage to the features of the appGuard product. There was some confusion between Digicentre and the media on service fees, leading to discrepancies between the reported price and actual fees. The explanation for this is due to the emphasis on tailored information security protection services by appGuard; the quoted price will vary depending on the customer’s requirements. We apologize if this has led to any misunderstanding. 

We hope that new and existing clients will all continue to provide Digicentre with their support and suggestions. We work hard to create high-quality app information security services that provide our customers with rock-solid information security! 


Complete report by NetAdmin