Digicentre, a Gamania Company


Digicentre started out as the information technology and security department of Gamania which was responsible for planning and managing the operation and IT security of for thousands of servers within Gamania Group's Internet Data Center (IDC). After becoming an independent subsidiary, Digicentre progressively acquired ISO 27001 information security management certification and Type II telecom business license to become a provider of network infrastructure services and information security solutions. Key customers include local and overseas online games, digital entertainment, cultural creativity content, e-commerce, and online multimedia vendors.

Professional services offered by Digicentre:

• IDC with ISO27001 information security management certification: Internet access, server hosting, equipment leasing, cloud services, bandwidth sales, NOC (network operations center) and CDN (content delivery network).

• Experienced information security and protection services: Active IT security threat detection and warning such as SOC, IPS, VA, PT and others as well as the only professional Anti-DDoS defense mechanism in Taiwan.

• Most professional human resources and technical support services to satisfy the needs of different industries.

• Total integrated planning service and solutions for information and network systems.

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