Top Taiwanese Developer Fourdesire Selects appGuard for Anti-Hacker Protection


"Fourdesire won Apple's Best of 2013 and Best of 2014 awards for apps and game development two years running."  

"Apple featured the company's game on the display of its iPhone 6 ad where it was seen by more than 500 million Apple fans around the world." 

"Chosen by Apple editors as one of the best apps of the year out of 1,250,000 products - and the only one from a Taiwanese developer." 


Everyone has no doubt heard of "Walkr" and "Plant Nanny." These apps with millions of downloads came from a very unusual team. Unlike traditional mobile game developers whose employees tend to have an engineering background, at Fourdesire there are more designers than engineers. They turned games into boutique products with an emphasis on artistic direction and innovation. To better connect with users' everyday life, entertainment is combined with real-life issues. Under a youthful leadership, they treat games like works of art and take their time with each game they develop. This is the same attitude they adopt for picking partners. 

Fourdesire chose to work with appGuard because it provides by the best anti-hacker protection on the market. No technical assistance is needed at all during installation either. By combating reverse engineering, app tampering, debuggers and cheats as well as encrypting stored data, the integrity and intellectual property of the app is protected. appGuard effectively prevents attacks by malicious software, extends the app lifecycle to safeguard the company's rightful income and provides effective risk assessment reports on potential problems to protect developers' rights. In the future, developers can focus their technical resources on product development and on providing users with the best experience while appGuard provides the best app protection service.